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Mr Ziggpoo Episode 1!

2011-01-15 18:39:02 by conkerdude34

Mr Ziggpoo now onyoutube! by Betterthenwalking1. thats me! D4pw


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2011-01-19 08:44:49

Dude... This is just a few images made in 2 minutes with Paint and put together with Windows Movie Maker. You talked about it during weeks on your profile and on the forums, and it's not even a Flash! You could make exactly the same stuff on Flash, it doesn't require a skilled animator! And you didn't use the music I wrote for you! It's really childish. People who send stuff on Newgrounds spend a lot of time and skill working on it. Anyone could make Mr Ziggpoo, it's easy as hell! If you want people to take care about you, make your work seriously.

conkerdude34 responds:

well, im going to audioswap and its on youtube.


2011-01-25 16:26:53

What I mean is, maybe you think your series are great, but I doubt anyone else enjoy it. It's just 50 seconds animations that anyone could make. It's not hard to draw, it's not hard to animate, the plots aren't funny or interesting. And it's not on Newgrounds. Did you even try to take a look at the animation tutorials on the site? Did you ever look how good are the Flash submissions on Newgrounds? It takes months to make it, not 15 minutes. Nobody can tell you're skilled, and if you don't want to be considered as an immature troll that wants to get noticed by making crap, you'll have to work seriously. It's not important if the episodes are quickly released. What's important is to make good work. Ask artists and animators how much time they worked on their submissions, I'm sure it's a lot more than 15 minutes. I also think that you can't make two 40 seconds episodes and call that a "season", nor make a 30 seconds "animation" without any plot and call it "the first part of a movie". A movie is long, and if these 30 seconds are the first part of a 4 parts movie, you just can't make a movie of 1:30 minute! And if you don't know how to improve your work, ask for advices, people will provide you all the help you need if they see you're a serious guy. But don't act as a spoiled kid who wants to have all the work made by someone else. Okay, well, if you don't want to send unpopular crap on the Internet, you should follow advices.