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Mr Ziggpoo Episode 1!

2011-01-15 18:39:02 by conkerdude34

Mr Ziggpoo now onyoutube! by Betterthenwalking1. thats me! D4pw

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on all the voting gta game sites they say which will it take place? and I picked san andreas I checked the votes There's Alot then the originals! so Cross your Fingers for GTA V: San Andreas 2

ok, i was playing around vice city with fraps found apartment 3c and there the place lies!

GTA Vice City Scarface Revealed!

what's yours?


2011-01-01 21:56:27 by conkerdude34

Best Game Ever. the original narrator from v1.0 2007 (PROTOTYPE) sounded like (a terriorist)
v1.1 2008 quite fixed but have some bugs v2.0 fixed and inproved v2.1 Game of The Year
LBP2 01.11.011!


2010-12-30 22:03:40 by conkerdude34

mr ziggpoo coming in febuary! or march! or april!

Little Big Planet Fans *READ HERE*

2010-12-29 18:56:18 by conkerdude34

at anytime if you find: dellamortae9 that is me. im the wierd goblin thing known as a (SACKBOY)
Super Awesome Cool Know and love Buddy Of Yourself
System: PS3 Network

Holy Crap!

2010-12-26 14:23:23 by conkerdude34

I GOT GTA III VICE CITY AND SAN ANDREAS FOR PC! well san won't work because I don't have a (DVD) Slot
:( but if you have gta vice city and have myths post them down at the comment section

Merry Christmas!

2010-12-24 13:55:27 by conkerdude34

And a Happy new year! Make sure to go on Santa Tracker! + if you think St.Nick is fake he is not!
he is in the Cathlic Bible!